About Integrated Wellness Partners

Integrated Wellness Partners (IWP) offers comprehensive, turnkey development, finance, and health and wellness management solutions to health systems, universities, and municipalities across the country and around the globe. We have proven experience and the resources to help our clients bring wellness to their communities. Our principals provide highly specialized knowledge and expertise in distinct disciplines including health and wellness operations, real estate development, and financial solutions.

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Ensuring the future health and wellness of a community means altering its default setting. It’s about empowering your community by making healthy choices understandable, appealing and easily accessible. IWP helps integrate health conscious practices into the community’s daily life, which creates a support system that reinforces the wellness initiative at every touch point. Watch the short video above to learn more about IWP’s unique community transformation model.



A TURNKEY APPROACH In Accomplishing Your Vision

IWP provides a breadth and depth of resources and experience that will streamline your planning, speed implementation and ensure success. Whether it’s real estate, financing, development, operational oversight or outcomes measurement, IWP is a true partner in transforming your community.


IWP partners with Universities, Academic Medical Institutions, Healthcare Systems, Municipalities & Communities who are looking for a fully turn-key solution for integrated health and wellness. As these organizations learn about our expertise, resources and the success we have had with other partners, they look to us for guidance and direction.

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